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Charity Partnerships


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We've partnered with 4 more NZ charities!

It is with great enthusiasm and delight that PBI Safety Group (PBI Height Safety, PBI Ultra, & ZERO Height Safety) can announce that they have partnered with four New Zealand based Charities to raise community awareness and inspire generosity. 

The Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust, Starship Foundation, TAWK (Te Ahi Wairua o Kaikōura Charitable Trust), and Mates In Construction have all been chosen as the recipients of upcoming fundraising efforts. 

Split into four teams, PBI Safety Group staff were responsible for identifying and partnering with a charity of their choice. Over the next two months, each team will run fundraising and awareness events to support their chosen charity. This time is a great opportunity for staff to come together for a common cause and display PBI Safety Group Core Values; OneTeam, Integrity, Passionate, Caring, and Initiative. 

We see these partnerships as a real opportunity to align values and we are excited to be working with each charity to fundraise and help individuals, but to also raise awareness of the amazing effort and work that they do to support families and individuals."

- Paul Ivory, Managing Director, PBI Safety Group.

Explore each of the four teams below and discover their chosen charity. 

Team Name Teammates Mud Rush Jaffas Talking Heads
Charity Mates in Construction TAWK (Te Ahi Wairua o Kaikōura Charitable Trust). Starship Foundation Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust
Donation Page Givealittle - MATES Givealittle - TAWK Givealittle - Starship Donation - LFBIT



Formed by the Design & QS Teams from within PBI Height Safety, Mates in Construction was chosen due to the direct alignment of values and industry. With over 21+ years in the Construction and Height Safety Industry, the Design & QS Team have a strong connection with those working within the industry and are passionate about giving back to the sector. 

"Health and safety is at the heart of our company and wider community, and we are proud to be associated with an organisation who is doing amazing things to nationally support workers throughout the Construction Industry."

- Simon Hughes, Head of Design, PBI Height Safety. 

About Mates in Construction

Mates in Construction has three key focus areas to work towards their vision of significantly improving mental wellness and reducing suicide in the construction industry: 

  1. To advance mental health and social services in New Zealand by promoting the prevention and control of mental illness for people engaged in the construction industry.
  2. Providing leadership for our people to gain better access to mental health services.
  3. Building a stronger more resilient workforce.

Discover more about Mates in Construction and what they do on their website;


Team two: MUD RUSH

Established by the Projects, Installation and Recertification Teams within PBI Height Safety, Team Two, or Mud Rush, have chosen to support a local charity that aims to develop better pathways for Māori. 

"They have various programs that help whanau (families), Wahine (Women), Tane (Men) and Tamariki (children) with mental health (trauma, addictions, violence etc), housing, food, wellbeing and many more. We’re all super keen to get this underway and look forward to creating positive change in the community." 

-Moka Te Wake, Installer, PBI Height Safety

About TAWK (Te Ahi Wairua o Kaikōura Charitable Trust).

Te Ahi Wairua o Kaikōura is an intertribal whānau collective (not for profit charitable trust) who utilise kaupapa Māori and tikanga based modules to support individuals and whānau into reaching their potentials. TAWK enhance whānau aspirations and strengthen whānau, Hapu, and Hāpori (Community) connections by hosting a range of culturally responsive activities and initiatives. 

Te Ahi Wairua kaupapa is driven by a common vision within its members to increase the level of cultural prosperity and social wealth within our community. By providing a platform of Māori initiatives that deliver an array of programmes dedicated to promoting Māori achievement, success and celebrations we would enhance resilient whānau with sustainable whānau ora outcomes. Our vision is that every gender and every generation will be cared for appropriately and sustained through recognition and delivery of Whānau Oranga kaupapa Māori. There is an alignment within our community identity where connectedness is strengthened through shared priorities and responsibility and by increasing an awareness of maintaining cultural integrity through every walk of life.

Learn more about TAWK and how they help local communities on their Facebook page; @teahiwairua


Team Three: Talking heads

The ZERO Height Safety & PBI Ultra Teams have combined to support the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust.

"It is wonderful to be able to partner with the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust to not only support individuals who have been impacted by injury, but to also help educate on the importance of injury prevention of the brain. We are very focused on the development of multi-impact helmets which help to prevent brain and head injuries, so it is wonderful to work with an organisation whose values directly align".

- Gavin How, Head of Strategic Growth & Development, PBI Safety Group. 

About Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

We support those impacted by brain injury in Canterbury and the surrounding regions. We are the only providers like this in the South Island and one of only three across New Zealand. We provide a full continuum of integrated services when and where they are needed. We are the only providers like this in the South Island. Our team is made up of 220 specialised staff, our interdisciplinary team includes speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, neuro psychologists, dieticians and social workers who work together to provide an integrated approach to rehabilitation and recovery.

Discover more about the amazing work being done by the Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust by visiting their website;


Team Four: Jaffas

The Auckland Office - a combination of PBI Height Safety, PBI Ultra and ZERO Height Safety, have chosen to partner with the Starship Foundation.

"We are committed to inspiring giving and supporting this amazing organisation and its people who are doing truly great things."

- Kris Rao, Health & Safety Manager, PBI Safety Group. 


About Starship

Starship is New Zealand’s national children’s hospital, firmly focused on accelerating world class healthcare for all New Zealand children. There are more than 140,000 patient visits to Starship Child Health each year including around 1000 outreach clinics where Starship clinicians offer specialist consultation and support to their peers all around New Zealand. Since 1992 the Starship Foundation has invested more than $150 million into Starship Child Health, making a real difference to New Zealand children every day. Right now we have a new sense of urgency with an ambitious target to generate $20 million a year for Starship by 2023.

Learn more about the Starship Foundation and their incredible work by visiting their website;


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