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Kingspan Roof Systems and Height Safety Systems

PBI Height Safety has a very clear vision; to make safety an instinctive culture. 

A big influence in achieving this vision is having a commitment to providing our clients innovative safety solutions to stay protected in challenging environments.

Part of this focus is to ensure we make it easy for clients to access information about working at height safely, by providing information on our height safety products, the supply and installation process, so informed decision can be made when it comes to the safety of those at height. 

There is currently some confusion in the market about the use of height safety and fall protection systems on Kingspan Roofing Systems. PBI Height Safety is proud and exclusive partner of Kingspan Safety Systems - whose fall protection systems are specifically designed for and tested on Kingspan Roofing Systems.

Working with PBI Height Safety ensures that you as a PCBU are working with a supplier and products that are tested and covered by the 1891 Standards and Kingspan Limited product guarantee. 


Kingspan Height Safety & Fall Arrest Safety System Supplier Comparison
Offering PBI Height Safety Other Height Safety Suppliers
Concept Design Yes Yes
System PS1, PS3, PS4 Yes Yes
Product Guarantee Yes Yes - most supplier will be able to offer a guarantee on their products.
Workmanship Warranty 5 years Various - dependant on supplier's terms and conditions
Installers Own Staff + Sub Contractors Own Staff + Sub Contractors
Compliance Certification Own Staff + Sub Contractors Own Staff + Sub Contractors
Service Area New Zealand wide New Zealand wide
Supplier of Kingspan Safety Systems Height Safety and Fall Arrest Products Yes No


The full press release from Kingspan is below;

Kingspan Roof System and Safety Systems

"Kingspan Safety Systems are the only fall prevention systems tested and approved by Kingspan for inclusion as a branded product in the Kingspan guarantee.
The use of improperly designed or installed fall prevention systems can compromise the structural integrity of Kingspan’s roof panels, therefore Kingspan’s product guarantee does not cover failure or damage caused by post-installation alterations or modifications to its roof panels. On that basis Kingspan recommend that customers should use Kingspan Safety Systems, to receive a complete system guarantee.

The inclusion of a non-Kingspan fall prevention system on a Kingspan roof will not preclude the issue of, or the longevity of the Kingspan roofing guarantee. But it may do so if the system is not fit for purpose, or if the design of the system and/or its installation are faulty and/or the system is inappropriate for the roof in question. It is for specifiers, contractors, clients and end-users to satisfy themselves that the design and installation is appropriate.

Kingspan will not be liable under the guarantee for issues that may arise through the use of a non-Kingspan system. Any consequential damage whatsoever caused to the Kingspan roof panels by a non-Kingspan fall prevention system, be it during installation, testing and subsequent annual testing or if a
fall has occurred, will result in the Kingspan roof guarantee being void. 

Kingspan do not test non-Kingspan fall prevention systems on their roof panels and have no experience of installing such systems onto their roof panels. Accordingly, Kingspan are not in a position to advise in the most appropriate design or install methodology; the fall prevention system supplier is better
placed. Therefore it is up to the fall prevention system supplier and/or designer to undertake responsibility for the proposed fall prevention system and its design and for the installer to take responsibility for the quality of the installation.

It is important to note that the issue of the Kingspan roofing guarantee does not imply Kingspan approval of the fall prevention system.

If any further assistance is required please contact Kingspan on +64 3 260 5530.

Paul Metcalfe
General Manager
Kingspan Limited."

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